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New Muscle-Car Concept for 1975 Plymouth Barracuda

1975 Plymouth Barracuda Car concept - Front Angel View 

Information in internet state that the 1975 Plymouth Barracuda will appear again today, after nearly half a century to sink. His arrival in the information age will fulfill the yearning of its fans. It's just that we can not expect much of Modern Plymouth Barracuda will soon appear, because as reported from one popuar automotive blog, concept muscle car is experiencing some of the barriers to get to the production process, including the government critique of the muscle car industry, particularly related to the emissions problem.

1975 Plymouth Barracuda Concept Car Review

1975 Plymouth Barracuda Muscle Car - The Fish That Got Away

Actually there are several proposals are made for Plymouth Barracuda latest concept car, the E-body style with the latest muscle car designs without leaving the output characteristic of the 1975 Plymouth Barracuda. Unfortunately, Chrysler was not so interested, and they did not enter production in the short term agenda for this type of high-performance cars like the Plymouth Barracuda concept.

1975 Plymouth Barracuda Muscle Car concept - Front View

1975 Plymouth Barracuda Muscle Car concept - Rear View

Indeed there is some work being done in the Advanced Studio Plymouth, that they are working on the next Barracuda. Although for approximately four years preparing for the new model Chrysler, but in reality nothing is working on a project that hopes for the emergence of modern E-body Barracuda becomes increasingly uncertain.

Best Concept of 1975 Plymouth Barracuda Muscle Car

Body Production Process of 1975 Plymouth Barracuda Muscle Car

It is very interesting because there are two designs on the next plan of Plymouth Barracuda. The first design by Shunsuke Matsurra aka Matty, and Don Hood. While the design of the latter was built by a team of John Herlitz and John Sampson. Both teams worked separately in their respective work on the project. Both teams support each other in the division of their respective duties. tip Matsurra making cars more muscular, while the team Herlitz and Sampson Cuda strengthen character.

Front Style of 1975 Plymouth Barracuda

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Predicted, a problem that occurs in the management of Chrysler is that financial executives are less responsive company car enthusiasts. In history, Chrysler also criticized sharply by some quarters that empathy to this company because at the time of high sales, the company has not invested money in the construction industry. Some people argue, it is the cause why the Barracuda does not become smaller than the Challenger.

Muscle Car Concept of 1975 Plymouth Barracuda - Rear Angle View

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